Savor The Flavor! Stuffed Bell Peppers For National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “savor the flavor of eating right!”

national nutrition month savor the flavor of eating right

Healthy eating does not have to mean bland, boring food. If you think healthy food doesn’t taste good, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many ways to savor and fully enjoy a tasty and healthy meal! Here are just a few: Continue reading

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: 3 Minutes Can Save a Life

Last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness), a week dedicated to improving public understanding of the seriousness of eating disorders. Let’s keep the conversation on awareness going beyond this week!

Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder. But recovery is possible.Many people have eating disorders that are overlooked or undiagnosed, even by some medical professionals. Early detection is so important and increases chances of a full recovery! Unfortunately, only about 10% of people with an eating disorder will seek and participate in treatment. This is why the 2016 theme for NEDAwareness Week is: 3 minutes can save a life. That’s how long it takes to complete a free online screening tool on the NEDA website, here. Please reach out if you are concerned about a friend, loved one, or for yourself.

There’s by no means one single thing that causes an eating disorder, but there are many many different contributors. One example that does not help is the overabundance of Continue reading

International No Diet Day

Today is International No Diet Day!

So for Wellness Wednesday, I’d like to share a little secret about diets:
Diets don’t work!!

How I feel when I'm not on a diet- International No Diet Day

What is a diet?

Well, technically we all have a diet. If you eat food, you have a diet. That’s not the same as being on a diet, which is what most of us think of when we hear the word “diet”. It has become a 4-letter word to avoid! Okay, so what does that mean? Continue reading

Introducing my Registered Dietitian adventures!

Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog! I’m looking forward to sharing all about my adventures and some nutrition lessons I’ve learned along the way.

For my first post, I’ll tell you a little about how I got here, what I’m working on now, and what’s to come.

How I got here: past adventures Continue reading