What’s On My Plate – First Edition

“What’s on my plate” is a regular feature where I share everything I’ve eaten in a day. Hopefully to show how everyone’s “normal” can and will look 100% different based on many different circumstances. What day of the week is it? What was your schedule that day? How hungry were you at meal times and how often did you eat? What is normal anyway? I love Ellyn Satter’s definition of normal eating:

“Normal eating is going to the table hungry and eating until you are satisfied. It is being able to choose food you like and eat it and truly get enough of it -not just stop eating because you think you should.

Normal eating is being able to give some thought to your food selection so you get nutritious food, but not being so wary and restrictive that you miss out on enjoyable food.

Normal eating is giving yourself permission to eat sometimes because you are happy, sad or bored, or just because it feels good.

Normal eating is mostly three meals a day, or four or five, or it can be choosing to munch along the way. It is leaving some cookies on the plate because you know you can have some again tomorrow, or it is eating more now because they taste so wonderful.

Normal eating is overeating at times, feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. And it can be undereating at times and wishing you had more.

Normal eating is trusting your body to make up for your mistakes in eating.

Normal eating takes up some of your time and attention, but keeps its place as only one important area of your life.

In short, normal eating is flexible. It varies in response to your hunger, your schedule, your proximity to food and your feelings.”

What does “normal eating” mean to you?

On social media, there is absolutely a filter that’s used to decide what gets posted, otherwise we’d all post 10 times a day! If I have a delicious meal at a restaurant but the lighting wasn’t great or I didn’t take a photo, it doesn’t get posted. We all have different reasons for posting on social media. On Instagram, I do my best to post beautiful photos of colorful and interesting food along with tips on nutrition, but that doesn’t mean that’s what all of my meals look like!

Today, I worked from home, and I had prepared some overnight oats the night before. Even when I get to sleep in, I still like an easy breakfast. 🙂

myRDadventures.com what's on my plate breakfast oatmeal overnight oats nutrition

For lunch, I had some leftover homemade barley/miso/tofu/veggie soup with a rosemary roll and some flavored sparking water. Anyone else’s leftover soup usually turn out more like a really thick stew?? Still good!

myRDadventures.com what's on my plate lunch leftovers homemade soup barley whole grain nutrition

After lunch, I had a couple of these almond and chocolate chip cookies. I just discovered them at the store and they are so yummy! Stay tuned for an upcoming post on mindful eating to fully enjoy your food.

myRDadventures.com what's on my plate breakfast oatmeal overnight oats nutritionDinner was seared white salmon with a curry spice rub, rice medley (I love these frozen quick-cook whole grains from Trader Joe’s!), and some colorful veggies. A colorful plate means you’re also getting a variety of different nutrients, so I recommend aiming for at least a few different colors at each meal. I also had a New Belgium Brown Sour Ale.

myRDadventures.com What's on my plate salmon and veggies nutritionI like to burn the midnight oil, so for a late night snack tonight I had some Greek yogurt, blue berries, walnuts, and cocoa nibs. I always try to mix up the textures in my meals and snacks to keep it interesting for my taste buds, and the mix of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates/fiber also keep my stomach full and ready to keep working!

What's on my plate greek yogurt cocoa nibs nutritionThere’s everything I ate today! 🙂 Every day, every meal is different. Sometimes I fill half of my plate of veggies, sometimes I don’t. I aim to be flexible with my eating and listen to what my body needs, while remembering experience with how I feel when I eat certain foods.

What do you think of this definition of ‘normal’? How did your own definition change based on the quote above? Comment below!


More reading:

Ellyn Satter, Definition of Normal Eating

What is ‘normal’ eating by Paige Smathers RDN, CD

Pin now, read later: What's on my plate - First Edition @myRDadventures What is normal eating anyway?


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